Collocation Game 1

Practice collocations of the most frequently used words in English with this game

This game uses the most frequently used words in English chosen mainly from the New General Service Word List (NGSL). Most of the headwords in the game were chosen from this list. Most of the other words (the collocate sets and the distractors) are also from this list. Click on the information button to see how this game is scored. For more information about vocabulary and collocation see the vocabulary page. For more information about the words used in this game and how the game can help your vocabulary learning see the Collocation Game 1 details page. For more information about features of the game see the the collocation games page.

This game uses cookies and local storage to keep track of your score. This means that you can close your browser and continue the game later, picking up from the level you left the game. If your browser cancels cookies when you close it, you'll have to start from zero. You can avoid this by adding this site to your exceptions list in the preferences folder of your browser. Cookies are automatically deleted if you don't play the game for more than 30 days.