Using this Site

How to get the most out of the interactive resources on this site


Many of the pages on this site are interactive. This means that by mousing over or clicking on certain parts of a page more information or explanations are revealed. There are also drag and drop elements to help you test your understanding, multiple choice and true/false tests and animations. Most explanations are based on real texts. Where real texts are used, links to the original text are provided. In some cases the excerpts used for explanation can be expanded to reveal the full original text by clicking on this icon . None of the original texts have been altered in any way.


Click or Mouseover

Drag and Drop


Text which is underlined in this wayMousing over the underlined words reveals extra informaion. gives further information about the underlined words when you mouse over them.


Definitions and Searching the Site

As with any disciplineSee the glossary definition , there are words and phrases used in a particular way and with a particular meaning when discussing the the topics of writing and text. For this reason we have included a glossarySee the glossary definition page which explains some of these terms.

You can also click on the search icon at the top of each page to bring up the search pageGo to the Search page if you are looking for a particular topic.


This site has been designed as a responsive website and you should be able to view all the pages easily on any device.