Clause Pattern: Subject – Verb – Direct Object – Prepositional Object

Understanding the construction and use of the subject – verb – direct object - prepositional object clause pattern

This pattern consists of a subjectSee the glossary definition , a ditransitiveSee the glossary definition prepositional verbSee the glossary definition , a direct objectSee the glossary definition and a prepositional objectSee the glossary definition .

  • Wesubject findditransitive prepositional verb dinosaur fossilsdirect object in the ground, in riverbeds and lakes, and on the sides of cliffs and mountainsprepositional objects. (Ausich 2021)

  • That’s why yousubject can't readditransitive prepositional verb booksdirect object in the dark prepositional object. (Fairchild 2019)

  • But scientists have a big problem when trying to findditransitive prepositional verb DNAdirect object in dinosaur fossils prepositional object. (Ausich 2021)

  • Theysubject might tellditransitive prepositional verb a newspaper reporter or a government officialdirect object about a secret crime they witnessed prepositional object. (Archambeault and Webber 2019)

  • Theysubject warnditransitive prepositional verb users direct object of fake newsprepositional object , and to try to preventditransitive prepositional verb them direct object from sharing it unknowinglyprepositional object. (Byron 2019)

  • For this timing to work, emperorssubject gather in large groups on sea ice to beginditransitive prepositional verb their breedingdirect object in April, prepositional object layditransitive prepositional verb their eggsdirect object in May, prepositional object and then the malessubject protectditransitive prepositional verb the eggsdirect object for four months throughout the harsh Antarctic winter prepositional object. (Younger 2019)

  • Our bodies rely on the Sun to reset this cycle and keepditransitive prepositional verb itdirect object at precisely 24 hours prepositional object. (Stevens 2015)

  • Finally, wesubject need to considerditransitive prepositional verb our own roledirect object in your questionprepositional object: how good are scientists and ordinary people at recognising impact craters? (Gibson 2021)


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