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Affix Quiz 1

This quiz tests your understanding affixes (prefixes and suffixes)

Use this exercise to test your understanding of affixes (prefixes See the glossary definition and suffixes See the glossary definition ).

Before you start make sure you look at the examples on the prefixes page and the suffixes page.

Each question consists of a sentence (or sentences) taken from an authentic text (the citation for each one is provided in the feedback). You task is to fill in the gaps with an appropriate derivational See the glossary definition or inflectional See the glossary definition prefix or suffix. In the quiz you are given pointers to help you find the correct answers. Write the answers in the answer box, separated by a single space and no punctuation. Here is an example:

Decades of _________ (science-> adjectiveFind the adjective derived from the noun "science": scientific) research have shown the _________ (extreme-> adverbFind the adverb derived from the adjective "extreme": extremely) clear _________ (relation-> nounFind a suitable noun derived from "relation": relationship) between greenhouse gas _________ emit -> plural nounFind a suitable plural noun derived from the verb "emit": emissions) and rising _________ (globe-> adjectiveFind a suitable adjective derived from the noun "globe": global) temperatures, which in turn drives water cycle _________ (intensify-> nounFind a suitable noun derived from the ver "intensify": intensification).

Your answer would be: scientific extremely relationship emissions global intensification (the order does not matter; you just need all the correct answers, correctly spelt).

Once you have submitted a correct answer you can view the original sentence along with its citation, thus:

Decades of scientific research have shown the extremely clear relationship between greenhouse gas emissions and rising global temperatures, which in turn drives water cycle intensification. (Zika and Sohail 2022)

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